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An application template tag used to display an application form field.


  • id (required)

    Each application setting tag requires a unique 'id' attribute. This id should not be re-used within the template.

  • required (optional; default "0")

    Controls whether the field is displayed with visual cues that the field is a required field or not.

  • label

    Supplies the label phrase for the setting.

  • show_label (optional; default "1")

    Controls whether the label portion of the setting is shown or not.

  • shown (optional; default "1")

    Controls whether the setting is visible or not. If specified, adds a "hidden" class to the outermost div tag produced for the setting.

  • label_class (optional)

    Allows an additional CSS class to be applied to the label of the setting.

  • content_class (optional)

    Allows an addtional CSS class to be applied to the contents of the setting.

  • hint (optional)

    Supplies a "hint" phrase that provides inline instruction to the user. By default, this hint is hidden, unless the 'show_hint' attribute forces it to display.

  • show_hint (optional; default "0")

    Controls whether the inline help 'hint' label is shown or not.

  • warning

    Supplies a warning message to the user regarding the use of this setting.

  • show_warning

    Controls whether the warning message is shown or not.

  • help_page

    Identifies a specific page of the MT help documentation for this setting.

  • help_section

    Identifies a section name of the MT help documentation for this setting.


        hint="The username used to login">
            <input type="text" name="name" id="name" value="<$mt:Var name="name" escape="html"$>" />

The basic structural output of a setting tag looks like this:

    <div id="ID-field" class="field pkg">
        <div class="field-inner">
            <div class="field-header">
                <label id="ID-label" for="ID">LABEL</label>
            <div class="field-content">
                (content of App:Setting tag)