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An application template tag that produces HTML for displaying a MT CMS dashboard widget. Custom widget templates should utilize this tag to wrap their widget content.


  • id (optional)

    If specified, will be used as the 'id' attribute for the outermost div tag for the widget. If unspecified, will use the 'widget_id' template variable instead.

  • label (required)

    The label to display above the widget.

  • label_link (optional)

    If specified, this link will wrap the label for the widget.

  • label_onclick

    If specified, this JavaScript code will be assigned to the 'onclick' attribute of a link tag wrapping the widget label.

  • class (optional)

    If unspecified, will use the id of the widget. This class is included in the 'class' attribute of the outermost div tag for the widget.

  • header_action
  • can_close (optional; default "0")

    Identifies whether widget may be closed or not.

  • tabbed (optional; default "0")

    If specified, the widget will be assigned an attribute that gives it a tabbed interface.


    <mtapp:Widget class="widget my-widget"
        label="<__trans phrase="All About Me">" can_close="1">
        (contents of widget go here)