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Outputs a linked author name suitable for publishing in the 'byline' of an entry.


  • new_window

    If specified, the published link is given a target attribute of '_blank'.

  • show_email (optional; default "0")

    If set, will allow publishing of an email address if the URL field for the author is empty.

  • spam_protect (optional)

    If specified, this will apply a light obfuscation of any email address published, by encoding any characters that will identify it as an email address (:, @, and .) into HTML entities.

  • type (optional)

    Accepted values: url, email, archive. Note: an 'archive' type requires publishing of "Author" archives.

  • show_hcard (optional; default "0")

    If present, adds additional CSS class names to the link tag published, identifying the link as a url or email address depending on the type of link published.


1 Comment

Beau Smith

Beau Smith on December 18, 2009, 11:43 a.m. Reply

There is a bug with the “type” attribute when using the value of “archive” which does not produce the proper link when used on category archives.

The work around is to manually create this link, which is probably a better solution anyhow:

<a href="<$mt:BlogURL$>/author/<$mt:AuthorBasename separator="-"$>"><$mt:AuthorDisplayName$></a>