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Outputs the “main” text of the current entry in context.


  • convert_breaks (optional; default 1)

    Accepted values are 0 and 1. Typically, this attribute is used to disable (with a value of 0) the processing of the entry text based on the text formatting option for the entry.

    If used with the words modifier, this setting will be ignored.

  • words (optional)

    Accepts any positive integer to limit the number of words that are output.

EntryBody supports many additional modifiers to help format the output of the tag. Using those attributes, you can transform the content so it shows up correctly in HTML, JavaScript, PHP, XML or other forms of output, use regular expressions to modify the output of this tag, change the case of characters, add or remove white space or even more with just a simple attribute on the mt:EntryBody tag.

If you’re using the Extended Entry field in Movable Type, it works similarly to EntryBody but uses the EntryMore tag.