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This tag outputs the contents of the Entry Excerpt field if one is specified or, if not, an auto-generated excerpt from the Entry Body field followed by an ellipsis (“…”). If an excerpt is auto-generated also note that any HTML is stripped.

The length of the auto-generated output of this tag can be set in the blog’s Entry Settings.


  • no_generate (optional; default “0”): When set to 1, the system will not auto-generate an excerpt if the excerpt field of the page is left blank. Instead it will output nothing.

  • words (optional; default “40”): Controls the length of the auto-generated entry excerpt. Does not limit the content when the excerpt field contains content.

  • convert_breaks (optional; default “0”): When set to 1, the entry’s specified text formatting filter will be applied. By default, the text formatting is not applied and the excerpt is published either as input or auto-generated by the system. Note that the filters modifier may be more useful to format this text.


 <mt:EntryExcerpt words="100" convert_breaks="1">

Below is a more complex example. This example grabs the EntryExcerpt, but only if one has been manually created in the Excerpt field, then saves it to the excerpt variable. That excerpt variable is then tested

<mt:EntryExcerpt no_generate="1" setvar="excerpt">
<mt:If name="excerpt">


matt on June 15, 2010, 2:00 p.m. Reply

Okay, I figured it out: each individual entry must have its formatting set to “Convert Line Breaks” in order for convertbreaks to work. I had my entries set to Rich Text formatting, so convertbreaks had no effect.

In order to fix this, I’ll have to go through every single entry, one at a time, and switch it from Rich Text to Convert Line Breaks.

Patric King on July 10, 2010, 4:04 p.m. Reply

example of no_generate:

mt:entryexcerpt no_generate=”1”

turns the option on, for users not familiar with binary syntax.