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A container tag which iterates over a list of all Folders and Subfolders. This block tag is the counterpart to the Categories tag (which iterates over a list of all Categories and Subcategories); as such the same attributes are available.


  • show_empty: Setting this optional attribute to true (1) will include Folders with no Pages assigned. The default is false (0), returning only Folders with Pages assigned.
  • glue: A string used to join the output of the separate iterations of the Folders tag. This can be as simple as a comma and space (", ") to list out Folder labels or complex HTML markup to be inserted between the markup generated by the Folders tag.
  • include_blogs
  • exclude_blogs
  • include_websites
  • exclude_websites


There is no <mt:FolderArchiveLink> tag, thus the workaround is this: <mt:BlogURL><mt:FolderPath>/. Let’s use that in an example showing the Folders tag, below:

<mt:Folders glue=", ">
    <a href="<mt:BlogURL><mt:FolderPath>/">