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Use the MarkdownOptions block tag to format content with the Markdown text formatting syntax.

By default, Markdown produces XHTML output for tags with empty elements. E.g.:

<br />

Markdown can be configured to produce HTML-style tags; e.g.:


You need to use a special <mt:MarkdownOptions> container (block) tag in each Movable Type template where you want HTML 4-style output:

<mt:MarkdownOptions output='html4'>
    ... put your entry content here ...

The easiest way to use MarkdownOptions is probably to put the opening tag right after your <body> tag, and the closing tag right before </body>.

To suppress Markdown processing in a particular template, i.e. to publish the raw Markdown-formatted text without translation into (X)HTML, set the output attribute to ‘raw’:

<mt:MarkdownOptions output='raw'>
    ... put your entry content here ...


  • output: valid values are html4, raw, or no value. Specifying no value produces XHTML output.