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By default, the page basename is a constant and unique identifier for an page which is used as part of the individual pages's archive filename.

The basename is created by dirifiying the page title when the page is first saved (regardless of the page status). From then on, barring direct manipulation, the page basename stays constant even when you change the page's title. In this way, Movable Type ensures that changes you make to an page after saving it don't change the URL to the page, subsequently breaking incoming links.

The page basename can be modified by anyone who can edit the page. If it is modified after it is created, it is up to the user to ensure uniqueness and no incrementing will occur. This allows you to have complete and total control over your URLs when you want to as well as effortless simplicity when you don't care.


  • separator (optional)

    Valid values are "_" and "-", dash is the default value. Specifying an underscore will convert any dashes to underscores. Specifying a dash will convert any underscores to dashes.