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The timestamp of when the ping was submitted. Date format tags may be applied with the format attribute along with the language attribute.


  • format (optional)

    A string that provides the format in which to publish the date. If unspecified, the default that is appropriate for the language of the blog is used (for English, this is "%B %e, %Y %l:%M %p"). See the Date tag for the supported formats.

  • language (optional; defaults to blog language)

    Forces the date to the format associated with the specified language.

  • utc (optional; default "0")

    Forces the date to UTC time zone.

  • relative (optional; default "0")

    Produces a relative date (relative to current date and time). Suitable for dynamic publishing (for instance, from PHP or search result templates). If a relative date cannot be produced (the archive date is sufficiently old), the 'format' attribute will govern the output of the date.