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Community Solution Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for the Movable Type Community Solution. Here you will find all the information you will need to help install, configure and manage your Community Solution installation.

Our community and customers help make our documentation better through user contributed notes. At the bottom of every page on this site you’ll see a place for you to add your own comments about how we can improve upon our documentation. Please feel free to leave us any feedback.


New in Community Solution 1.5

  • Actions. Actions provide a way to display an aggregated view of a user’s activity within a community.
  • Friending. Allow users to manage and maintain a list of friends in your community.


  • Template Tag Reference . See a list of all the template tags provided by the Community Solution.
  • Configuration Directive Reference. See a list of all the configuration directives provided by the Community Solution.
  • Release Notes. To see a list of things every user should be aware of when using the Community Solution, please consult these release notes for your version.