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Upgrade Movable Type 6 AMI to Movable Type 7 AMI

Those currently using Movable Type 6 can upgrade to Movable Type 7. Backup and upgrade steps are provided below.

Note: Plugins which are not compatible with Movable Type 7 may cause issues such as the settings screen not displaying properly. Some plugins may also prevent Movable Type from starting up. It is highly recommended that you test via a site copy before actually upgrading.

Create a snapshot of the existing environment

Please create snapshots according to the directions on the following page. You may also backup files manually.

Change MySQL settings

Will add the below description if it does not yet exist.

  • Files to be changed

  • Changes made
    Add the following content to the [mysqld] section.

    socket = /data/database/mysql/mysql.sock

Backup existing data

Backup user data, application data, and database.

Backup public website files

By default, files presented via Movable Type will be output to /data/file/static

$ cd /data/file
$ zip -r ~/ static

Backup files generated in support directory

$ cd /app/movabletype/mt-static
$ zip -r ~/ support

Backup the database

Create a database dump file

$ cd ~
$ mysqldump -u root movabletype > ~/dump.sql
$ zip ~/ dump.sql

Other files

Please backup your installed plugins and themes as necessary.

Edit yum repository settings file

With a text editor, open /etc/yum.repos.d/movabletype.repo. Then change the section titled baseurl= to the following. The <serial_code> will be different depending on the environment. Please make sure to not change this.

Before changes made:


After changes made:


yum update

Updates your current Movable Type package

# yum clean all
# yum update movabletype

Note: For those using the Apache version, please use "movabletype-httpd24" in the "yum update" command instead of "movabletype."

Remove unnecessary plugins

Some plugins including Smartphone Option which came with with Movable Type 6 will not be supported in Movable Type 7. For the following plugins, please delete the entire directory.

  • Smartphone Option

  • MultiBlog

  • FeedsApp Lite

  • Community.Pack