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Movable Type 5.2.6 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released June 5, 2013.

New Functions

New Responsive Web Design Theme “Eiger”

“Eiger” is especially suited for use with larger company websites and blogs. Along with Media Query (CSS) supported multi-device compatibility, logos, headers and banners, and navigation are all easily customizible with built-in Movable Type functions.

The “Smartphone Option”

The optional “Smartphone Option” is now available bundled together with either Movable Type Professional or Movable Type Advanced. (As of now, the “Smartphone Option” can only be obtained through a bundle purchase.)

The “Smartphone Option” offers a version of the Movable Type admin screen that has been optimized for smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.

For more information on using the “Smartphone Option”, please refer to the “Smartphone Option User Manual” from “Movable Type 5 documentation”.

Canonical elements can now be used with the MT tags “MTCanonicalURL” and “MTCanonicalLink”.

Language settings expansion

The language in which a blog entry’s date is displayed can now be set seperately from the general blog language settings.(109305, 109542) The language option can be set by accessing “Date Language” from the blog entry date “Compose” option. Once set, the date for the blog entry will be displayed in the standard format for the specified language. In connection to this change, the following tags have also been added:

Expanded Compatibility

The following browsers, programs and environments are now supported by Movable Type.

Compatibility with the Internet Explorer 10 Desktop Application

MT now offers compatibility with the Internet Explorer 10 desktop application.

(Please see “Internet Explorer 10 - Overview for IT Pros” from the Microsoft website for more information on Internet Explorer 10.)

Oracle 11g R2 Support

Movable Type Advanced now offers support for Oracle 11g R2.

Termination of TypePad AntiSpam Bundle Sales

The TypePad AntiSpam plug-in is no longer being offered as part of a Movable Type bundle. In May of 2013, the TypePad AntiSpam service changed ownership from Say Media to Impermium. For more information, please refer to the “Impermium FAQ Page”.

Improved Functions

  • 109205 When using both width and height attributes with the MTAssetThumbnailURL tag, the longer side of the image will be adjusted to fit the overall image
  • 109211 StyleCatcher settings are now saved to the blog_meta table
  • 109219 Image thumbnail generation has been expanded on and improved
  • 109466 The “float” property can now be used when developing MT plugins
  • 109545 When the MTAssets tag was used with a tag modifier, the item specified by the tag modifier would not be saved; this issue has been fixed
  • 109587 SMTP certified STARTTLS can now be used with IO::Socket::SSL ver.1.76 or higher. NET::SMTP::TLS has also been added to extlib

Resolved Issues

  • 108286 The MultiBlog rebuild trigger setting would sometimes not work correctly
  • 108484 When using the archive template variable on a blog entry or web page template, the preview and publish views would output differently
  • 108680 When running the call back file, the parameters would change arbitrarily
  • 108792 When using dynamic publishing, if a thumbnail for a transparent image was generated, the image would become non-transparent
  • 108828 If the user tried searching system logs when only one log was available, an “invalid request” error would occur
  • 108871 If categories were edited via XMLRPC, the entire category archive would be rebuilt
  • 109008 OpenID account profile images would be saved with invalid file names
  • 109178 When resetting a template, the archive mapping would not be set up in the restored template
  • 109206 If a non-numerical value was used with CGIMaxUpload, the item could not be posted
  • 109218 When uploading square image files, already existing thumbnails would be re-generated
  • 109220 Ajax pagination would not work correctly with the Rainier theme search results template
  • 109225 Widgets would not be restored during blog restorations
  • 109233 An error would occur if blog restoration was attempted without permission from the website
  • 109255 Using the preview option on the template editor screen would reset any modified paths
  • 109259 Users with moderator status could not replace comments or trackbacks
  • 109276 If archive mapping was blank and the user tried to save changes to the general blog settings, an error would occur
  • 109282 If the favorite_website or favorite_blog file located inside author_meta_type included incorrect data, a sign-in error would occur
  • 109288 The theme’s custom field importer’s localize function was not working
  • 109342 The index.html file included with the Movable Type package would not be displayed correctly in the Safari web browser
  • 109346 When duplicating a blog, the custom field settings for associated categories would not be processed correctly
  • 109362 If a user was deleted, any blog entries the deleted user created could not be re-opened on the editor screen
  • 109364 The CSS file for the editing screen would not be processed correctly if the absolute URL was set using “SupportDirectoryURL” for the environmental variable “StaticWebPath”.
  • 109366 A dynamic publishing error would occur if an MTElself tag was used with no modifier
  • 109378 Restoration could not be completed if there was an & (ampersand) or ’ (apostrophe) included in any saved item file names
  • 109398 Tag function related data would output strangely when using dynamic publishing
  • 109403 There were several instances in the Rainier blog theme where HTML escapes would be doubled
  • 109415 A user’s profile image would appear differently depending on whether static or dynamic publishing was used.
  • 109426 Upon screen reload, forms that should have been ineditable would be completed by the Firefox auto-complete function
  • 109436 A Javascript error would occur on the dashboard when using Internet Explorer
  • 109442,109439 When using dynamic publishing, arrays and hashes would be incorrectly valued as “false”
  • 109458 Currently un-used parameters are unintentionally deleted when a comment is posted
  • 109463 Users could not post via Atom on a PSGI environment
  • 109485 Dynamic publishing would output incorrect results if the MTEntries tag specified an unsaved category as the category modifier
  • 109486 When using the Markdown publishing format, a new line would be inserted even if the field was empty
  • 109495 A table with an unsaved ID column could not be used with the listing framework
  • 109500 If using IE8 or IE9, a security warning would appear in an HTTPS environment due to an error with mt.js
  • 109501 If an MTElse tag was used inside a block, “” would be displayed in the output page
  • 109502 When using dynamic publishing, if there were multiple instances of MTArchive Previous or MTArchiveNext on one page, the output links would not work properly
  • 109511 When uploading images, the thumbnail file name would not be generated correctly and the thumbnail would not be displayed on the admin screen
  • 109527 The name specified by the MTIncludeBlock tag var modifier was case sensitive
  • 109547 Sub categories could not be created from the blog entry editing screen if using OSX Mountain Lion and a Webkit browser (such as Safari or Chrome)
  • 109548 If two or more blog entries with the same publish date and time specified in MTEntries were displayed with the lastn sorting function set, the results would appear differently depending on whether dynamic or static publishing was used
  • 109552 Warning message displayed ehen Running MT Under PSGI/Plack older than 1.0016 version on Starman
  • 109569 When using dynamic publishing, MultiBlog “contents security” settings would be ignored
  • 109574 When editing blog entry categories, no longer in use categories would be incorrectly included with the MTEntryCategories output results
  • 109588 The module cache would not be cleared if the MTInclude tag had a key modifier specified
  • 109593 The MTParentCategories’ MTCategoryCount tag would not work correctly when using dynamic publishing
  • 109597 An error would occur if the user tried to preview a webpage template when no webpage existed
  • 109609 When uploading a file including an item with a date custom field, the custom field value would be set to a previously specified value
  • 109628 When previewing a comment made on a private blog entry, the blog entry becomes temporarily visible
  • 109633 If several versions of TinyMCE were loaded on the blog entry editing screen with the input format set to “none”, the TinyMCE editing screen would become unclickable
  • 109709 After a custom field is deleted, an error occurs if the update history is checked and then the system log viewed
  • 109720 When granting a user authoritative access to a group on Movable Type Advanced, if that group is then deleted, the former members of the group will retain their authority level
  • 109750 If the “publish queue” is edited and a blog entry with a “static” entry archive is published, the archive file associated with that blog entry will be deleted
  • 109826 Even if a tag has been selected from the Blog Stats widget tag overview page, all blog entries remain displayed on the page and the filtering request is ignored
  • 109832 Previously created filters cannot be group deleted from the filter overview page on the system screen
  • 109834 extlib’s Locale::Maketext has been updated to version 1.23 (CVE-2012-6329)
  • 109843 If a user tries to save their log-in information when commenting, the necessary Cookie for saving that information is destroyed
  • Posts made via mt-xmlrpc.cgi on a PSGI environment would not be processed correctly

Thanks to

  • 108680,109461 kondo@alfasado
  • 109288,109501 naoaki.omozaki
  • 109439,109485,109710 gumihanui
  • 109458 John Lightsey
  • 109495,109466 Dan Wolfgang
  • 109500,109438 taiju@alfasado
  • 109552 Gurunandan R. Bhat. Dave Aiello
  • 109587,109527 David Phillips
  • 109588 Hajime Fujimoto
  • 108286,108484,109366,109633,109740,109738 Singo Watanabe
  • From Github coolniikou