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This tag outputs the label of the main category for the entry.


Must be used in an entry context (entry archive or mt:Entries loop).

All entry categories can be listed using mt:EntryCategories loop tag.


Create a link to the Category archive of the entry’s main category (when in entry context):

<a href="<$mt:EntryLink type="Category"$>"><$mt:EntryCategory$></a>

Tip: Due to legacy taging the mt:EntryCategory function tag will output the same value as the mt:FolderLabel function tag when used in the context of a page. Unlike the mt:PageFolder tag which is block tag and must be used with the mt:FolderLabel tag.

Use this mtml

 <mt:If tag="EntryCategory" eq="Appendix: Configuration Directives">
   This main folder for this page is "Appendix: Configuration Directives".
   Confirmation using `mt:EntryCategory`: "<$mt:EntryCategory$>".